Environment Park

  • Environment Park is a highly successful pilot project designed to transform an abandoned industrial landscape into an urban concentration of service, research and light industrial concerns. Underwritten as an exemplary project by the European Community, it is the first eco-technological park in Europe dedicated to addressing problems of the built environment. It demonstrates the viability of building advanced laboratories and workshops while simultaneously re-creating the green area these buildings cover. This ambitious project creates a unitary landscape of "green architecture" aimed at establishing a strong technical and symbolic relationship between garden and building. With an eye toward reducing energy consumption, the use of natural techniques in the management of the buildings is greatly emphasized.
  • The 600,000 square foot complex is organized into several blocks of compact buildings arranged on three levels. They each possess garden covered roofs and are bisected by walkways leading down to the adjacent Dora River. The walls are covered with a dense net on which ivy climbs. The roof top parks are publicly accessible via a series of gentle ramps that ascend from the sidewalk.

project information

location:   Turin, Italy
client:   EnviPark S.p.A
cost:   $32.0M
area:   600,000 sq ft