Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall

  • Fukuoka, Japan, was in need of a new government office building and the only available site was a large two-block park that also happened to be the last remaining green space in the city center. Ambasz was awarded the commission for successfully achieving reconciliation between these two opposing aims: maintaining the green space of the existing park while providing the city of Fukuoka with a multi-use, symbolically decisive building. Under the building's fourteen one-story terraces lie more than one million square feet of space, containing an exhibition hall, museum, 2000-seat proscenium theater, conference facilities, 600,000 square feet of government and private offices, as well as large underground parking and retail spaces.
  • Its northern face presents an elegant urban facade with a formal entrance on the city's busiest commercial avenue. The southern side extends an existing park through a series of terraced gardens that climb the full height of the building, culminating in a magnificent belvedere that offers views of the harbor and surrounding hills.

project information

location:   Fukuoka, Japan
client:   Dai-ichi Seimei Insurance
cost:   $380.0M
area:   1,000,000 sq ft


  • 2000 Business Week / Architectural Record Award
  • 2001 DuPont Benedictus Award
  • 2001 Japan Institute of Architects Certificate of Environmental Architecture, First Prize