House for Leo Castelli

  • Practical and wholesome, this house is at peace both with nature and the man-made environment. Two large earth berms serve as gates, shielding the house from the street and framing a grand entrance. Another gently terraced earth berm insulates the north-facing rooms and walls of the house, making it an integral, unobtrusive part of the landscape. Carefully planned cross-ventilation eliminates the need for air-conditioning, while the combination of passive and active solar design reduces heating requirements. Large south-facing windows capture the sun's rays, while the thick walls of the house absorb and store heat. The open layout of the rooms allows for a flexible organization of the interior spaces. All rooms open onto an arcaded courtyard, which also functions as a graceful entrance court.

project information

location:   East Hampton
client:   Leo Castelli
date:   1980