New Town Center

  • Located 40 minutes away from Tokyo by a new high-speed rail line, this new 24-acre business center imparts to visitors a sense of arrival and enclosure. A unique multi-tiered vertical garden defines two plazas and the boundary of the site. Conceived as a vertical garden to save land, it has been designed symbolically as a screen and realized as an open ivy-covered structural grid, containing within each self-maintained module a potted flowering tree. The resulting visual threshold creates a green screen between the new urban center and the still-undeveloped agricultural landscape beyond. Two central arrival plazas, one for pedestrians and another for vehicles, embrace the train station, public gardens and new commercial center.
  • Towering above the complex, a huge Torii-like gate composed of two 35-story office buildings connected by a lintel containing restaurants and the city's museum, announces the new town to arriving trains as they pass through it into the elevated station.

project information

location:   Nishiyachiyo, Japan
client:   Nomura Real Estate Corp.
area:   24 acres