Rothschild Memorial Museum

  • This new Memorial Museum for Baron Edmond de Rothschild, the Founding Father of Israel, hopes to speak eloquently to the heart, but with a soft and whispering voice. Drawing upon the Eastern tradition of shaded gardens, the new museum creates an encompassing sense of peace and serenity while leading visitors to the gateway of the existing European-style gardens. Arriving at the first circular entry court, visitors walk quietly past a single leafy and shading tree, representing Israel's Founding Father's historic commitment to agriculture. Visitors emerge into an inviting ambulatory surrounding a rectangular, shaded courtyard and reflecting pool.
  • An array of columns bearing olive trees appears to grow from the very waters of this pool, subtly arching to a high point at the center. The most important challenge within the Memorial Museum was to address not only a need to gently guide the first-time visitor with varied choices, but also to stimulate the repeat visitor who may wish to bypass the exhibition areas and proceed directly to the gardens. In this design, the needs of both types of visitor have been reconciled.

project information

location:   Ramat Hanadiv, Israel
client:   The Rothschild Foundation
cost:   $7 Million
date:   On Hold
area:   53,800 sq ft