Schlumberger Research Laboratories

  • Neighbors of this computer research facility value the adjoining area because of its verdant, delicately wavy parkland. The site therefore warranted a design that harmonized with the landscape, rather than standing out against it. To simultaneously integrate the facility into the landscape and reduce energy costs, the project was divided into a series of above ground buildings partially surrounded by built-up earth berms. In this way, neighbors see only a beautiful park landscape instead of a collection of intrusive buildings. The research laboratories and recreational facilities are arranged casually around a man-made lake in the manner of an English landscape garden.
  • The visible facades of each building consist of colonnades framing uninterrupted glass walls that allow light to filter deep into the workspaces. The buildings blend into the surroundings while providing a pleasant atmosphere for employees wishing to take advantage of the campus-like complex.

project information

location:   Austin, Texas
client:   Schlumberger Well Services
cost:   $13.0M
area:   120,000 sq ft


  • 1986 Architectural Project Awards, American Institute of Architects