Thermal Gardens

  • Sirmione, a lake resort at the southern tip of Lago di Garda in northern Italy, has been famous for its hot sulfur springs since ancient Rome and has strict regulations limiting the extent of new construction. Ambasz was commissioned to develop a design concept for a series of indoor and outdoor thermal pools, restaurants, bars, changing rooms and additional service amenities, to accommodate up to 1,500 additional visitors a day while not affecting the character of the existing garden landscape. The assorted pools and changing facilities are surrounded by landscaped berms that effectively hide the new structures within the landscape and work to maintain the garden-like character of the original site.
  • The freestanding colonnades are designed to remain partially visible; modern translations of ancient ruins standing enigmatically within the landscape.

project information

location:   Sirmione, Italy
client:   Terme e Grande Alberghi Sirmione, S.p.A.
cost:   $4.30M
area:   24,700 sq ft