Worldbridge Trade and Investment Center

  • In planning a new international trade center dedicated to trade with Asian nations, the client specifically requested a design that did not refer to any particular building style, but rather one that synthesized eastern and western traditions. Additionally, neighbors would not allow any construction that would affect their view of the countryside or reduce the local bird population's habitat. To meet these challenges Ambasz' design centers on an unusual topographic event that appears to have resulted from the orchestrated uplifting of the earth's surface. The building is composed of a graduated stacking of organically shaped floor plates and garden terraces.
  • The monumental interior atrium - a truncated cone - is a winter garden dramatically lit from above by an oculus. At the base of the interior space is a two-story bowl carved into a highly detailed and episodic landscape of rock, moving water and abundant plant life.

project information

location:   Baltimore, Maryland
client:   Asia/USA Development Corp.
cost:   $150.0M
area:   1,000,000 sq ft