Banca del Occhio

  • This 5,000 square meter medical facility houses several functions related to the latest scientific and medical advances in eye transplantation. The triangular-shaped building is defined by two 40 foot high walls clad in pre-patinated copper set at right angles to each other. In the space created by these wall, a volume is defined by a series of landscaped terraces at each floor level make up one side and on the opposite side, the building rises as a series of steps that lead to a flat planted roof garden. These steps make the entire roof an outdoor amphitheater. A parabolic opening forms the main entrance through this stepped facade.
  • Administrative, research, and surgical functions are located on the three floors above ground while a ground level circular courtyard provides light to the educational spaces located below ground. A two-story high wall of glass bisects the courtyard making a grand lobby space. The EIDON-Center for Education occupies the spaces surrounding the courtyard for classrooms. Its courtyard is planted with several fragrant flowering trees. A 450-seat auditorium is located off the lobby. All of the spaces receive direct natural sunlight from the large walls of glass places at a distance from the edge of the terraces. The combination of the plantings and deep overhangs minimize the impact of heat loads by blocking sunlight during the middle of the days.
  • Spaces away from the terraces such as treatment rooms and restrooms receive additional light from clerestory windows. Each riser of the steps leading up the roof has glass blocks installed into them allowing light to penetrate the rooms below.

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project information

location:   Venice-Mestre
client:   Fondazione Banca del Occhio
cost:   $30 M
date:   2008
area:   5,000 m2