Bellaria Beachfront Development

  • Situated just north of Rimini, a new beachfront development is planned by a cooperative of builders. Ambasz has been asked to conceptualize this new mixed use development to blend into the natural landscape and offer a more park-like environment in an area plagued with insensitive development along its valued coastline. This 26,000 square meters development consists of a retail centre with eateries, a 120-room hotel, several small vacation apartments, beach side changing rooms and equipment rental shop, and a covered beach pavilion. Each new building has been designed with terraces on the sea-facing side that are filled with plants to create hanging gardens.
  • The focal point of the new development is the beach pavilion used for concerts, volleyball matches, and other sporting events. This structure consists of four large columns reaching towards the sky to support square frames reach outward open which translucent membranes are stretched to shelter the ground below. Forming an arch across the sand, a light steel structure provides support to place several tiers of trees in each cubicle to aid in blocking the wind.

project information

location:   Bellaria, Italy
client:   Colonia Fiat Bellaria - Igea Marina
date:   2002
area:   26,000m2