Big Indian Resort and Country Club

  • The Big Indian Resort and Country Club, a 150-room luxury hotel in upstate New York, will be the centerpiece in a golfing community. In order to obtain approval from state and local governments, the building was designed to be invisible within the natural landscape while still taking advantage of each possible vista to make it a premier hotel destination. The 226,000 square foot hotel is organized on five levels, each conforming to the natural terrain to minimize excavation. As each floor steps back, the exposed roofs are blanketed with native plants to camouflage the structure in the landscape. The lobby is located at the highest floor of a five-story sky lit atrium that is filled with plants and waterfalls.
  • Guests reach the guest rooms by descending through the atrium in glass elevators. Each guest room has a private terrace facing a mountain view. A spa and golf clubhouse is situated in a one-story structure reached from the lowest floor of the hotel.

project information

location:   Catskill Mountains, New York
client:   Crossroads Ventures LLC
date:   2001
area:   226,000 sq ft