Glory Art Museum

  • Sino/Taiwanese avant-garde art has attained resounding recognition in important exhibitions in the Western world. The most important of said collections is the property of an illuminated Taiwanese collector, Mr. Glory Mr. Yeh who has commissioned Emilio Ambasz to design a museum to house and display his collection in the city of Hsin-Chu. The building gives back to the community all the land that the building's footprint covers. In this building by creating a roof, which is at the same time a facade, the visitor goes from the inside to the outside exhibition spaces in a seamless flow. The building's use as an important cultural center covering 110,000 square feet required creating a grand ceremonial entrance onto a grand hall to be used for public functions.
  • The floors have been designed to operate according to different schedules. This required capacity of using the building during the hours when the galleries are closed to the public demanded a very sophisticated system of entries and exits.The building stands in the center of "green" area, which is the social and cultural center of a large residential development, which has been further enhanced by contemporary sculptures from Mr. Yeh's collection

project information

location:   Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, ROC
client:   Glory Devlopment Corp.
cost:   $20,000,000
date:   1998
area:   110,000 sf