Grand Embrace

  • The Grand Embrace is the "gateway" to The Hague, a flowery welcome to symbolize the warm hospitality of the city towards its guests and citizens by presenting visitors and city residents a green building with its arm open wide. The building is divided into three separate, but integrated program areas. Below ground there is 10,000 square meters of parking for office and residential tenants, a podium of two floors offers 7,500 square meters of retail space covered by an outdoor garden and, rising from the garden, is a 27-story office and residential tower. The tower is shaped like a bridge spanning over the roof gardens of the podium to ovoid blocking views from the neighbouring Stitchage Building.
  • The roof garden over the commercial spaces makes a connection towards the Railway Station through the Stitchage Building. The Commercial Center is effectively an enlargement of the station public spaces with the entrances set at the corners of the site. The focal point of the Commercial Center is a large atrium enhanced by plantings and a decorative pond linking the greenscape from the roof to the areas below. Tenants such as restaurants, bars and gyms would benefit from the ability to expand their uses onto the garden. The 27-story tower is comprised of private residences and commercial offices. The Grand Embrace building is wrapped in a layer of terraces placed at each floor level and protected by glass.
  • The offices and residences benefit greatly from these protected gardens by providing tenants beautiful places to enjoy the scenery while at the same time offing a building with a green skin: a vertical garden monumental in scale to be seen from afar. The Stitchage Building is also adapted to support a similar green facade to offer these tenants the same benefits and to block outside noises.

project information

location:   The Hague, The Netherlands
client:   City of The Hague
date:   2002