Hilversum Office Complex

  • This 600,000 square foot office complex will be built on a triangular five-hectare (12-acre) city-owned site bordering the cultured forest that gave Hilversum its well-earned reputation as a "green" city. By basking in the glory of the buildings Dudok built in the 1920's - which attract many visitors - the city has long realized the value that outstanding urban architecture brings to it's cityscape and is, accordingly, striving to sponsor architecture that does not detract from or reduce the green areas of the city. Ambasz' design provides a large amount of office space while simultaneously maintaining the environmental qualities of this sought-after area. This is achieved through the design of several "landscaped" buildings.
  • Cultivated terraces along the periphery of each floor plate offset the profile of the floor plate directly above it. The resulting graduated sloping resembles that of a lush planted hillside. A thin glass plane cuts through these artificial hills, echoing the profile of the former Dudok-designed hippodrome and transformed here into a walkway connecting the three buildings.

project information

location:   Hilversum, The Netherlands
client:   National Nederland and Delta Lloyd
cost:   $90.0M
area:   600,000 sq ft