Lisbon EXPO 98 Commercial Development

  • In preparation for EXPO'98, the city of Lisbon selected a site of 30,000 square meters between the marina and Calatrava's train station for the development of new commercial office space. Taking advantage of the site's downward slope toward the marina, Ambasz proposed a highly unique solution. By extending outward from the upper edge of the site a "garden terrace or belvedere" that completely covers the sloping area below, the required amount of commercial space is achieved within the resulting volume and a new panoramic garden park for the surrounding community is created above.
  • Additionally, the three principle commercial tenants each desired a unique corporate identity that would be recognizable from within the city. The resulting three distinctive glass structures, with "walls" of clear glass, appear simultaneously transparent and ethereal within their park setting and immediately recognizable as urban forms from a distance. The city is given the gift of a community garden park, with uninterrupted views of the river beyond, in the process of creating much needed signature commercial office space.

project information

location:   Lisbon, Portugal
client:   The City of Lisbon
Bank of Portugal
cost:   $110.0M
area:   60,000 sq m office
30,000 sq m garage