Master Plan, Barletta

  • The city of Barletta asked Ambasz to devise a plan to rejuvenate the nearby beachfront as a tourist settlement along 10 kilometers of coastline. The emphasis was placed on recovering pedestrian access to the sea, which had been taken away by truck roadways leading to the port. Ambasz used an abandoned railroad track placed in a deep trench to redirect truck travel along this trench and roofed it over with greenery. To allow for natural ventilation, one side of the tunnel has large openings. The sides of this trench are connected by "wide green bridges" so as to not interrupt the flow of the green park.
  • A wide coastal avenue used by trucks that inhibited the access of the citizens to the beaches was covered with trees and transformed into parking, thusly turning a seldom-frequented beach resort into an adornment to the city. Open areas that had been abandoned were transformed into a very lively park, with sport facilities and an even an open-air auditorium.

project information

location:   Barletta, Italy
client:   Barletta, Italy
date:   1997