Monument Towers

  • In the center of Phoenix's downtown core, opposite Patriot's Square where the city was founded, two spectacular 24-story office towers rise from the desert floor with all the wonder and mystery of the rock formations of Monument Valley. In keeping with an environmentally responsive "green" agenda, the buildings' design responds to the climatic demands of the desert in a visually evocative and cost-effective way. The entire exterior of each tower is clad using a system of horizontal fins that deflect the sun and shade the interior glass-enclosed floors, thereby minimizing the need for mechanical cooling and shading systems. The highly unique interior organization addresses both the need for flexible, multi-tenant spaces and a focus on utilizing natural processes for ventilation and cooling.
  • Affording multiple tenants each with a sense of ownership, each tower has four distinct double-height lobbies directly opening onto the street and discretely connecting to the ground floor elevator lobby. Every office floor features a double-height elevator lobby achieved by alternating odd and even floor elevator service. Adjoining these lobbies is a dramatic full-building height atrium space that can be broken up into smaller atria for major tenants, if desired. With the intent of increasing pedestrian traffic and providing a shady respite from the oppressive heat, a "canyon" plaza between the towers also serves to conceal building services and entrances to the three floors of underground parking.

project information

location:   Phoenix, Arizona
client:   Block 22 & Associates LC
cost:   $234.0M
area:   1,340,000 sq ft


  • 2002 American Architecture Award