Museum of Modern Art and Cinema

  • Situated in a rundown residential area city authorities are seeking to upgrade, two independently operated museums form a single cultural center known as the Polo Cultural Sur. These two buildings have little in common stylistically: one is an aging modernist office building built in the 1950's; the other is a handsome nineteenth century factory building known as the Tabacalera. Each museum requires separate entrances and administrative facilities, and possesses separate collections, auditoria and archives. The solution to unite these two museums into one cultural center is found through the use of a unifying grand facade.
  • The embracing front and side facades are conceived as "balconies and patio gardens" to shelter the interior spaces from the direct southern sun. They also provide a lush, green backdrop to the street, reminiscent of the verdant patios and planted balconies that were a prominent feature of the colonial architecture once prevalent in this area. The rear facade faces an elevated highway. It is composed of a series of video projectors and large screens onto which information about the cultural center is shown. More than merely functionally, the imagery creates an appropriately scaled presence for the zooming traffic nearby.

project information

location:   Buenos Aires, Argentina
client:   Museo de Arte Moderna de Buenos Aires
cost:   $11.0M
area:   10,500 sq m