Public Park and Residences, Monte Carlo

  • This project intends to give Monaco a new 5-hectare park plus another 5 hectares of existing land for residential and hotel construction. This land would be reclaimed from the sea by a very economical method by constructing an 18-meter deep earth and cement dam in the present harbor. The dam itself would contain parking facilities as well as a road on top to improve the present design of the Formula 1 car races.
  • All construction would be on an open air, but below the level of Avenue Albert 1. Seven story high apartments and hotels with deep gardened terraces would be built facing a park adorned with ponds and playgrounds. The cost of the resulting residences is not any higher than those of any other residences recently built in the area and a densely populated citizenry would, certainly appreciate the social advantage of an amenity such as a park.

project information

location:   Monte Carlo
client:   N/A
date:   1998