Vathorst Shopping Center

  • This 17,500 square meter shopping center comprises two supermarkets, one discount store, 40 retail shops, and covered parking organized onto two floors. Car parking and anchor stores occupy the ground floor while smaller shops occupy the second floor. An existing bike path and pedestrian route passes through the shopping center on the second floor and widens at points to create a series of open plazas. To one side of this pedestrian thoroughfare, shops cluster around three glass-enclosed atria. Shoppers pass between floors through three courtyards adjacent to the supermarkets and discount store.
  • The developer was permitted a variance that allows him to build 78 apartment units on the same site because the shopping center was designed as a green area, thus maximizing usage on the site. The ground on all sides gently slopes up to roof level and continues as a park on the roof ultimately giving back nearly 100 percent of the occupied site as public gardens.

project information

location:   Amersfoort, The Netherlands
client:   Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Vathorst
date:   1999
area:   17,500 sq meters